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why aren’t more people upset about GE food labeling?
April 16, 2009, 3:08 am
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I don’t get it: maybe it is because I am a father and therefore I care more for my kids than for myself but why aren’t more people DEMANDING mandatory labeling of food containing Genetically Engineered food?

Some people will tell you that studies show that it is safe. Truth is: the studies that usually make that claim are sponsored by the very companies that manufacture GE food in the first place. It seems like every time an independent organization tries to conduct an independent survey on the impact of GE food on humans, they end up being shut down.

There was a great story on French TV a year or so ago about an Italian laboratory that started a scientific study on 300 rats: 150 of them were fed with non GE food and the other 150 were fed GE food. Two things happened in that story: 1) within 3 months, all the rats that were on the GE diet starting developing some rather serious illnesses (liver stomach problems, etc) while the other 150 were showing standard results. 2) a few weeks after their first results were made public, their public funding were stopped and they were forced to stop their study.

Bottom line is I cannot understand why not everyone is not outrage at the fact that a few corporations that manufacture and sell GE food are able to prevent food sold in our supermarkets from being labeled as such. There is no justification; none what so ever except for the fact that they know that a huge portion of the population (or at least the one that has had a chance to educate itself about this issue) would NEVER buy food that was labeled as using GE ingredients.

As a consumer, I make decision everyday about what I want to eat. We all know alcohol is not good for us but that does not prevent me from drinking my red wine. But that is my choice. I should be able to decide whether I want to eat and have my children eat food that has been genetically modified. The issue is that right now, I can usually not make that choice and that is a big problem for me. I should be able to decide whether I want (or can afford) a non genetically modified food. But today even if I want to make that choice, too many times I cannot make it because the law does not require US food manufacturers from labeling their products.

A few tips:

– the word “modified” in the composition of a product is a good indicator that GE food has been used, such as “modified Corn scratch”

– a few companies (like Whole foods or Trader Joe’s) have committed themselves to removing any GE modified food from their stores so it is safer to shop there

– buying organic or from local growers is not a 100% safe but certainly a LOT safe than buying blind.

At the end of the day, it is a question of education. We can pressure our representatives; we can educate ourselves. one thing that ultimately will make companies listen is boycotting their products and letting them know that as a consumer we do not want GE food in our plates. Because truly, the only thing that they care about is to sell their products. If we ain’t buying them, they will be more sensitive to our claim.

Food for thought (no pun intended).


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