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Know what you eat: a useful tip
May 12, 2009, 9:31 pm
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While there is no regulation in the US for food producers to label their products when they use Genetically modified components, there is a way to check if your fruits and vegetables are “safe” or not. Fruits and vegetables usually have stickers on them (you know that annoying one you try to peel off your tomatoes??). Well they actually mean something and can help you weed out the one you do not want to buy: the lables will have either 4 or 5 digits:

* 4 digits: The fruit likely comes with a burden of poisons and was grown in depleted soil. All four-digit coded fruit are conventionally raised. So, if you don’t see five digits, then it’s safe to assume that the fruit is contaminated with pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers, and is grown in depleted soils.

* 5 digits, first is 8: This fruit is genetically modified, a GMO. It contains genes that were not put there by nature.

* 5 digits, first is 9: This fruit has been grown to an organic standard. Although the standard is not as strict as some produced by the most serious organic farmers, it is certainly superior to conventionally-grown or GMO fruit.

For more information, check out the Natural News web site  page on the subject.

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