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New Genetically modified Rice now fights Allergies !!!
June 30, 2009, 11:48 am
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A team of scientists in Japan is now coming out with a new Genetically Modified form of Rice that will improve the health of humans… Given the track record so far of GM companies, I think we should be very skeptical when it comes to what they think will improve our health…

This new GM Rice is part of a new generation of transgenic crops that include vegetables and grains that will produce more nutrients but will also include medicines and even vaccines to fight allergies!!! I don’t know if it’s only me, but I want to know if I am going to be taing any kind of medicine…

When a lot of studies actually blame vaccines for the development of a lot of allergies, shouldn’t we worry that now the same medicine that a lot of people do not necessarily want to take might eventually be part of the vegetables and grains we will have no choice but to eat?

Once again, there are a lot of choices being made for us, the consumers, as to what we eat and whether or not we will soon even have a choice as to what we can choose to eat.

I find it extremely worrying that by hiding behind “making crops more resistant to pesticides” (which translated into making vegetables and grains we eat absorb those very pesticides) and now “making vegetables and grains more healthy to humans”, we might be put in an irreversible situation where one day (or is that day already here?), we might no longer have a choice to eat anything else but those new GM products or worse, will probably not know that we are eating them even if we do not want too.

It is dangerous and sad that behind the idea of wanting to improve people’s health and solve the nutrition problems of the poorest countries (very noble ideas), the exact opposite seems to be happening: a few companies are lobbying extremely hard to ensure that sometime soon, we might no longer have a choice but to eat their products. Too many things however seem to show that their only motive is to ensure the sale of their grains and of their pesticides well above the actual benefits to human health.

As many people have pointed out, we the consumer, hold one last and very powerful weapon: our ability to choose or not to choose to buy their products.

Education once again is key: make up your own mind as to whether you think GM food will truly save human kind or are products you want to end up in your plate. Act accordingly; let your friends, family, representative know if you don’t think so.

And let those companies know that you do not agree with it by hitting them where it only hurts them: by not purchasing their products. It is a lot easier than it seems.

For more information on this new GM Rice, check out this article on

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