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UK study finds Organic food not healthier than conventional food
August 19, 2009, 10:05 pm
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So recently, a study was done in the UK that claimed that Organic grown food did not prove to be healthier than conventionally grown food. The most interesting part of that study for me is that it purposely did not address the impact or use of chemicals in the growing process of conventional foods vs organic food.

This clearly undermines the objectivity of the study in my view for a number of reasons:

1) one of the biggest complain that people have about conventional food or GM food is the fact that is uses chemicals (especially in the case of GM grown food) that can have long term health effect on humans. A lot of people, including me, that are using more and more organic food do it for the very specific reason that they no longer want to eat food that might have been spread with chemicals that can have long term health effects.

2) what is even more troubling about this study and its “omission” of the impact of chemicals in the growing process in its report is that GM based companies like Monsanto do not make most of their money selling the actual GM Seeds but by selling the very pesticide that needs to be spread on the plants themselves (namely Round-up).

The point made in this study (“organic food does not seem to be healthier than conventionally grown food”) becomes then completely biased if the chemical/pesticide component of the growing process is not even being considered.

Well, in any case, there have been a number of studies that have shown the exact opposite findings that the UK study:

While some GM friendly study will claim that no real studies have shown the benefits of Organic food, I am not a scientist but it seems to me that eating pestecide covered food can not be better for my health than food that have been grown naturally.

Once again, it really come back to knowing what we eat. On one side, an increasing number of people are asking for a choice, to be able to decide what they want to consume. On the other side, there are a number of companies and lobbies that are pushing to kill bio-diversity, prevent organic food from coming to the market. Not because they have been able to prove that they can provide better, healthier food (most “independent” studies have shown the opposite); but rather because they hope to be able to sell more and more GM seeds (until we might no longer have a choice) and to sell more and more necessary pesticide to allow those seeds to grow. (FYI, Monsanto just announced that they would charge 42% more for their new seeds this year…)

The recent media blitz of the Obama Organic garden at the White House was a sign of hope, until the appointment of both Michael Taylor,former Monsanto lobbyist as Senior Advisor to the FDA and Tom Vilsach in the Secretary of Agriculture chair… I find it a little bit hypocritical but hey, at least they have their own Organic garden…


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